June 2019: Please note that I have discontinued my genealogy business for now. For a list of other Raleigh-area professional genealogists, see the NC APG website.

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Family History Writing Awards

First Place, International Society of Family History Writers and Editors, 2017 Excellence-in-Writing Competition, Category 5 (Unpublished Material by Published Authors), for “Gus Cloepfil and His Migration Westward” (PDF)

Third Place, International Society of Family History Writers and Editors, 2015 Excellence-in-Writing Competition, same category as above, for “Hudie Streisfeld and Her Life in the Austro-Hungarian Empire” (PDF)


It looks absolutely amazing! I cannot express how thrilled I am! I can’t wait to show my grandfather! Thank you so much! Are you on yelp or something? Where can I write a review?
—Brittany, Texas

Thank you, thank you, thank you. We both were so excited with the report. It is exactly what we were hoping for in our/your “research”…. Thanks again for your meticulous research and your interest.
—Suzi, New Jersey

Dear Dave, Thanks so much for your help. I can send one in for another ancestor and will be sending another request in next month [to the Daughters of the American Revolution].
—Dottie, New York

Dave Strausfeld is a more than competent genealogical researcher. His work is efficient, well organized and always a delight to read.
—Sally (a fellow professional genealogist), West Virginia

It is extraordinary. I am blown away by it. I cannot believe what you were able to find about our family.
—Laura, New York

Thanks for all of your good work.
—Jim, Florida

Just wanted to say how moving and uplifting it was [a family history book].
—Jason, Pennsylvania

Thank you for your fine work.
—Linda, Texas

I love the work thus far, and have read and re-read it all.
—Chris, Texas

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